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On this tab, you can perform validation of output HTML code of the page currently selected in the content tree, specifically of its version displayed in the currently selected view mode (Preview or Live site). Please note that even if you navigate to some other page in the preview or live site mode using links on displayed pages and then switch to the Validate tab, actions performed on this tab will still be related to the page selected in the content tree.


Validation is always performed against the version of HTML declared in the validated code.


The following actions are available in the top row:


Approve Validate - performs HTML validation of the page currently selected in the content tree and displays validation results below.
Macro_tree View source - opens a new pop-up windows where source code of the page selected in the content tree will be displayed.


The following actions are only available after performing validation which showed that the document is not valid:


WindowNewValidators Show results in new window - displays validation results in a new window.
ExportExcelValidator Export to Excel - exports validation results to an Excel spreadsheet (in XLSX format).


When validity issues are found in the page's output HTML code, they are listed in a grid in the main area. You can see the following information about each issue:


Line - line of the HTML code on which the issue appears.
Col. - column of the HTML code (i.e. number of character from the beginning of the respective line) where the issue appears.
Error message - message describing the validity issue.
Error explanation - detailed explanation of the validity issue.
Source - extract of the part of code where the validity issue appears.


More information on built-in validators can be found in Developer's Guide -> Content management -> Validators.


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