Media libraries tab

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From this tab, you can insert files stored in a media library. You can select a library using the set of three drop-down lists - Site, Group and Library - in the top right part of the dialog.


When a library is selected, its folder structure is displayed below the drop-down lists. After selecting a folder, its content will be offered in the main area. You can filter the listed files by Name, Type, Size and the time when the files were Modified using the filter above the list.


You can select a file using the Select (Next) icon or by simply clicking the appropriate line (or tile/thumbnail in the other view modes).


You can also perform the following actions with the listed files:


After clicking the View (View) icon, the file will be opened in a new window.
Using the Edit (Edit) icon, you can edit metadata of the file. However, clicking this icon placed beside an image opens the image in the built-in image editor.


Properties that can be set for a selected item are different depending on its type:


Image properties
Audio and Video properties
Flash properties


Detailed information about the Media libraries module can be found in the Media libraries chapter in the Modules section of the Developer's Guide.


Detailed information about the WYSIWYG editor can be found in the WYSIWYG editor chapter in the Content management section of this guide.


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